X-Ray Vision Texture Pack

Textures X-Ray Vision for Minecraft PE will allow you to see all the mobs, players, all chests and other objects through the walls.

Do you want to have the ability to see through walls? This is a very easy package for MCPE, because it does not use any shaders or user-defined textures. I think you are already happy with this update and want to see it in action, then bravely dare! We wish you good luck!

How it works?

Once in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition you install this package, you will be able to view all types of blocks in the game (except for the Edge blocks and the portal of the Lower World). And also you can see mobs, players, chests and other objects! Yes, you can see through walls!

How to download:

download x-ray only entities visible v.1

download x-ray only ores visible v.2

download x-ray textures v.3

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  1. where download

  2. I don’t know.

  3. Underneath how to download click on the pack.

  4. it isnt working it shows entities not ores

  5. The actual texture pack without the xray is nice. do you think you can make a seperate download with just the texture pack? Thanks!

  6. the stone doesnt have any borders. please help

  7. how do i get dirt to be outlined like your pics?

  8. Only using it for hide n seek

  9. Just wanted to see how it looks never used x-ray before

  10. This is for MCPE, Did Am Right? :/

  11. Is there any way to make the lighting brighter?

  12. There are no borders in the v2 version im using mcpe 1.12 the latest one and may I ask if you can create a skin without the xray I really liked the skin with and without xray

    • Hi can you transfer the download site to mediafire… I cant download it well because it goe to google drive.. Please fix these

  13. Please change it so that there are borders on every block like stone and bedrock or water or something because I can’t use it properly in survival mode without falling into a hole while mining since the stone is completely invisible

  14. Awesome

  15. Yes pls I can’t see what I’m mining

  16. Download by clicking download x-ray only entities visible v.1 or download x-ray only ores visible v.2 just above the comments

  17. There seems to be a texture pack also mixed with it
    Can I have the download link to that?

  18. How do I do it?

  19. for mcpe 1.13???

  20. will this also work in the water/rain and in the nether and end? The x-ray pack I currently have makes the screen blank so you can’t see where your walking.

  21. The ores aren’t glowing

  22. Cool

  23. V2 all i can see is black


  25. how to open it?

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