Prison For Life – Are You Able to Escape? Map

Want to go on another exciting journey in the world of Minecraft PE? We are glad to please you with a wonderful map Prison For Life – Are You Able to Escape ? You were arrested for a crime and imprisoned for life. But you do not intend to stay there for so long. But no one has yet succeeded in escaping from this prison in the ICPE! Maybe you will be the first to whom it can? However, be extremely careful, because if you are caught, you will most likely stay here forever, and this is not fun. In general, you will find intense gameplay in Minecraft Pocket Edition, which completely engulf you!

Main functions:

Here are some of the rules / functions related to this map. You can also read about them in the instructions.
Stones can be destroyed by stone picks.
Tempered colored clay can be destroyed with gold picks
You can place levers on emerald blocks
You can put buttons on golden buttons.
You can place dynamite on quartz blocks.
You can destroy glass blocks (not glass) with a glass cutter.
Everything else you will learn during the gameplay


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