A Little Taste of Jerm Bedrock Texture Pack

A Little Taste of Jerm Bedrock is a personal texture pack from JermsyBoy for Minecraft, which he worked on for several years for his singles series on YouTube. Initially, this package was inspired by the Minecraft Bedrock textures Bdouble0100, but since then it has changed and turned into a really good addition to the game! So, players, if you have been looking for pleasant textures for Minecraft Bedrock for a long time, we advise you to try this package!

New flowers
New sandstone
New scaffolding
New bamboo
New prismarin
New wool blocks
New blocks of terracotta
New herbal block, mud and podzol
New Kraft table
New bone block
New ice
New diamonds, gold and emerald blocks
New agricultural land
New firestone
New boards
New sponge
New bedding
New Crossbow
New pandas
New cats
And much more!


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