Among Us Mod

Among Us is a very popular game, and if you have not played, we recommend that you do it now – the mod and Minecraft for Android will wait. Of course not. Better to play Mine, especially when there are such usable modifications. Among Us implements crew members and impostors – mobs from the game of the same name. The former are completely friendly, tame. To do this, just use bones in Minecraft on your phone.

Your task is to find the impostor and kill him in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Otherwise, he will do it to you – they are very aggressive. You can also use the equipment of the crew members as a skin. To do this, place it on the head, leggings and head slots, after creating a skin on the workbench. Yes, yes, in survival mode it belongs.

The modification will feel great in a multiplayer game in Minecraft Pocket Edition. In addition, the mod adds five pets to the MCPE, which can also be tamed. And the other day, the author of the Among Us mod made an update – balloons and hats appeared in the game. Enjoy your survival with the cool mod!




  1. hey yo how to i get it in my minecraft windows 10?

  2. How do i upload this texture?

  3. @trunkytom hit download twice and it will download to your computer device and open the file it will take you to minecraft it will now import and than its done

  4. He is looking…

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