Animacraft Mod

Ready to meet new amazing animals of the world of Minecraft? The new Animacraft mod will allow you to get to know at once three amazing creatures in the Minecraft PE: dodo bird, pink flamingo and deer. However, do not forget to also download the latest version of the game. Hurry up to explore these new animals, as this add-on will soon add some more amazing creatures to Minecraft Bedrock!

Has its own spawn egg
Spawn everywhere
There are two breeds
After death, shed skin and bones

Has its own spawn egg
Spawn on the beaches
Future update will add another type of these birds.

Has its own spawn egg
Spawn in the taiga and jungle

Have horns
Become hostile if attacked first
Spawn in savannahs

Have a 3D black shape
Spawn in savannah and jungle

Update is intended to support beta version 1.10.
Bugs fixed
The extension has been removed.

download mod

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