Bicycle Mod

Players have to walk hundreds of blocks in MCPE. It is slow and time consuming. Therefore, more and more mods began to appear that were created to simplify the life of the players. The Bicycle mod is one of them.

This addon adds to Minecraft the ability to craft a bike and ride it. There are 16 color options. The vehicle crafting recipe is well worked out:

Find a traveling merchant and buy new parts from him: rubber for wheels and an empty paint can.
Buying new parts from a traveling merchant

Next, make the wheels:
Making rubber wheels

After that, make a special iron for the frame and the frame itself
Making special iron

Frame creation

It remains only to collect the finished version!
Collecting the finished bike

There is a command with which you can get a ready-made bicycle at once: / function bicycle

The bike is painted with paint. To get it, enter: /function spray_paint


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