Boyfriend Mod

Tired of loneliness in the worlds Minecraft PE? Mod Boyfriend fix it! Now in the world MCPE you will have a friend who will follow you and wear some of your things. Perhaps the new mobs will not bring you much benefit, but at least it would be a great company to travel around the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. Today, this friend will not even be able to protect you, but we hope that in future updates this will be fixed.

How to find a friend?
First you need to find a friend in the world of Minecraft PE. They will spawn mainly in the villages, because they are a substitute for the villagers. There are five types of guys, and each of them has its own unique style of clothing in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition. For example, one of them looks like Steve.

To marry him, you just need to give him a diamond ring (diamond). If he accepts your offer, you will see a few hearts. Your friend will follow you around the world MSRE, but at the moment he will not protect you from the attack of hostile mobs.
iOS / Android: Hold the diamond in your hand, use a long press on the mob, and then click on the Tame button that appears
Windows 10: Holding the diamond in your hand, use the right mouse click on the mob

What can it be used for?
Your friend is pretty strong and can carry your items (27 slots). In addition, he can not do anything except how to be a faithful companion who will always monitor your in the world of Minecraft PE.


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  1. I want to play

  2. Lmao, why does this exist

  3. Can they make one of these for me in real life

  4. Bruh yall needs to get a real player Minecraft boyfriend that can. fight for you and that’s real

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