Custom Walking Buddle Mod(addon)

Would you like to leave behind a fire or snow trail in the world of Minecraft? Addon Custom Walking Buddle will fulfill your desire! Now, when walking, you will leave behind a fire or snow in the Minecraft Bedrock. This add-on works exclusively for Minecraft Bedrock versions 1.10 and higher!
Fire Pack:
After you there will be real blocks of fire (it can harm your world, be careful)
When flying it does not work
Mod Custom Walking Buddle 1.10
Snow pack:
Snow balls will remain after you
Always works


How to install:

This add-on use the Animation Controller to trigger functions. no scripts, no adding entities like other add-ons.

All you have to do to active this addon is simply apply it to your world and turn on the experience mode.

download snow

download fire


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