Dead Outside Mod

The Dead Outside mod is perfect for Minecraft on Android for any city map. He adds several varieties of zombies to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which are present in Walking Dead and Resident Evil. For the Dead Outside mod to be complete, we need a variety of weapons in the MCBE, right?

So, the author of the mod took care of this in MCPE. You will have the opportunity to craft 8 types of melee weapons, which is perfect for opening the heads of the undead in the game. Definitely download! And don’t forget to include experimental gameplay in Minecraft BE.



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  1. You have to add custom animation, more custom sound, more death pose, make a spawn egg that contains randomly generated zombie ( special zombies not included ) add custom.sound for stars,swat,soldier
    Add skin texture to.soldier npc cuz its texture is missing, also fix their guns it looks indescribable make it look like an m4 and specially make their attack full auto not single fire mode

  2. Can you please add guns? 3d ones with custom animation and sound please

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