Doctor Who Mobs Mod

I think few people have not watched or heard about the show Doctor Who. In the world of Mancraft there are already many additions dedicated to this popular TV series. Now the time has come when the characters of the Doctor Who universe are transported into the blockworld of Minecraft Bedrock! New mobs look very high quality, and their behavior patterns correspond to the series. The similarity is really amazing! If you consider yourself a true fan of Doctor Who, then you simply must try Doctor Who Mobs Pack mod for Minecraft PE!

How it works?
Now the majority of hostile and neutral mobs have been replaced by the characters of the popular TV series. Some of them even have individual behaviors. This addition was created mainly for the Welcome To The Tardis card.

Below on this page you can find a complete list of new mobs and their functions.
Mod Doctor Who Mobs 1.9.0
Creeper was replaced by a hostile new mob – a distant one. It automatically detects and attacks players within a certain radius.

Some items have also been replaced. For example, the sontaran rifle replaced the bow. They are very similar, except for the fact that instead of arrows a rifle shoots lasers.

New items and mobs:
Sontaran rifle (replaces the bow)
New custom sounds

Laser charges (replace arrows)
Far (replaces creeper)
Attacking cybermen
Custom sounds
2.5% chance of head drop

Silence (Edge Wanderer replacement)
Custom sounds

Sontaran (Skeleton replacement)
2.5% chance to drop the helmet
Custom sounds
Ice Warrior (replacement zymogora)
2.5% chance to drop the helmet
Custom sounds

Vashta Nerada (replacement of the skeleton – the Desiccant)
Custom sounds
K-9 (replacement of wolves)
Tame with iron bars
Healed with iron bars
A cub can feed on gold bars, iron bars, gold nuggets and iron nuggets
Eye color changes depending on the status: tamed (red), wild (green) or angry (purple)
Custom sounds

Cybus Cyberman (zombie replacement)
2.5% chance of Cyberman head drop
Custom sounds

Mondasian Cyberman (cadavre replacement)
Custom sounds

Cyber ​​village
Custom sounds

Ood (replacement zombie pigman)
Custom sounds

Temporary lords (replacement of the summoner and champion)
Skins changed

The priestess of the sisterhood of Karna (replacement of the witches)
Skins changed

Chronovore (replacement of the payer)
Skins changed

Spider Bud (Replacement for a Spider)
Skins changed

Updated arrow textures


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