Double Village & Dungeon Seed

Not far from the spawn you will find a Double Village & Dungeon in which you will find a villager. This led will be useful for you if you use the mod to trade in Minecraft PE!

Also under the village there will be a dungeon, where you will find two more chests.

When you appear in the new world, turn right and follow that direction. You will need to cross the river, after which you will find yourself in a double village. In this village you will find one Blacksmith, as well as a chest with various things:
2 Apple.
2 Iron Leggings.
1 Iron bib.
2 gold bars
2 Bread.

To find a dungeon, find a farm that has a cave entrance near one of the corners of the farm. Go to this cave entrance and always follow the direction – to the left, when you go through the cave and you will soon find an open dungeon with two chests. In the chests you will find the following items
3 Iron bars.
2 Gunpowder.
3 Bread.
4 Wheat.

The neighborhood of the village is very beautiful and requires detailed study. Since you will find a lot of huge mountains that hang over the ground.

Seed: 631023781


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