Ender Shells Mod

We are glad to present you a very useful mod Ender Shells for Minecraft, which will allow you to sprinkle Schalker with the help of Ender Pearls! This feature pack is especially useful on Minecraft Bedrock servers. After the death of Schalker, he drops the shells, which means you can get these bonuses in the underworld.

How to install this add-on?

Place the installed mod in the world behavior package.
Mod EnderShells Screenshots:

Play in experimental mode and do not turn off cheats. Then enter the command / function installendershells, after which the command block will appear above your head.

Enter / function endershells in the command block and set for it repetition, unconditional, always active.

How it works?
Create a box of purple blocks in Minecraft Bedrock.

Throw the Ender Pearl to cover the endermite in the drawer.

After a couple of seconds, the silverfish plunges into a purple block and turns into a shalker.

If you want to get Schacker shells, kill him.


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