Faithful HD Texture Pack

Faithful HD is similar to the standard texture pack in Minecaft Pocket Edition, but it has 4 times the resolution.

Increasing the resolution results in much improved graphics, because there is much more room for new, more detailed and beautiful details.

Faithful HD texture pack has several versions, one is just an HD version, and the other two are shader versions.

Ultra Shaders Support:
The following images support ultra shaders.
And the last two images with simple normal textures in HD (without shaders) .

Download the texture pack.
Run the BlockLauncher.
Click on the wrench, and then “Settings BL”
Click on “Texturepack” and then “Import”.
Now you need to find the downloaded texture-pack in the file system of your device and click on it.
Texture pack is installed!

Faithful HD Texture Pack 32

Faithful HD Texture Pack 64

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