Mod Furnicraft will add to Minecraft a variety of different pieces of furniture. Now you can find everything in the game: from kitchenware to entertainment items such as a pool table, a piano and PC game sets. Most importantly, this add-on replaces mainly the blocks of the Minecraft Bedrock world, so mobs will still remain in the game. So if you do not have enough furniture in Minecraft Bedrock, this addon will come to your aid!

How it works?
Since new furniture in Minecraft is essentially entities, you can easily deploy them as you please. turn the furniture in any direction that you like. Now you can even sit on chairs or on a bed.

Currently, all the furniture is in the creative inventory when searching for FURNICRAFT, and you will see all the furniture there. Now you can ride on a new car (replaces the witch), as well as decorate your garage with new paintings and similar items.
Furnicraft Addon Screenshots:

Here is a list of new furniture:
PC Game Kit
A pool table
Colored three-dimensional beds
Shelves and furniture
Custom paintings
Christmas tree
And much more!

Compatible with many devices
New kitchen furniture
Now compatible with more devices
some textures were changed
some models were changed
Rose Gold Armor Added
Rose Gold Tools Added
Fixed some bugs from the previous update

download addon

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  1. Muy buena me la recomendo un amigo

  2. I can’t find the rose gold ore can someone help

  3. how do I add in minecraft

  4. Minecraft

  5. Hi cool mods

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    Willis M. Madden May 8, 2020 at 5:34 pm

    Love the Furniture options….it works on my Bedrock Edition Windows 10 version of Minecraft, both with experimental play checked, and not checked…..


    When I uploaded this to our Realm, none of the Furnicraft features (furniture, NPC’s etc) work. The Resource and Behavior files show as being loaded….they just arent doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

    WOULD REALLY LOVE IT if we could get this to work on the Realm…and would be even better if you could select to have or not have the NPC villagers in it.

  7. It’s not a mcpack, it’s a zip file.

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