Hardcore Mode Mod

There are times when every player wants to challenge himself. And for this, the hardcore game mode is best suited. But, unfortunately, this mode is present only in the Java version. Let’s fix it!

The Hardcore Mode mod will add the ability to use the hardcore mode on all types of games in Minecraft PE. It is worth noting that this add-on does not differ from the standard function in the Java assembly.

But there is one nice thing. After death, it is still possible in spectator mode to look at buildings or other players. Yes, it is possible to play online with this addon! Just make sure that the players join before turning on the hardcore mode.

If you do not know what hardcore mode is. This is a game in which there is only one life. If you die, the map disappears and you will not have a second chance.



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  1. OMG i realy like this like it give me a vine of minecraft java!!!

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