Hulk Addon

After installing the Hulk mod, you will be able to meet the Hulk in your cube world! He even has similar pants, so you can immediately see that the author chose the textures carefully. We do not recommend that you immediately join the battle, because it is not easy to kill the Hulk even in Minecraft on Android.

It is worth noting that the animation and physics in MCBE is excellent, in the game all the attacks and movements look good. The characteristics of the Hulk, as it should be, but at a height. He has three levels of rage in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Level 1 – 15 damage, 3000 health.
Level 2 – 300 damage, 1000 health.
Level 3 – 13,000 damage, 500 health.
As you can see, the angrier the Hulk, the more dangerous he is, but also the easier it is to kill him. So, are you ready to download the Hulk mod and fight the green giant?



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