Last Day on Earth Map

The Last Day on Earth map is a map for Minecraft PE, which is inspired by the eponymous popular game. You are one of the few survivors after World War II at MCPE. The rest of the lucky ones went on a trip to Mars. But some people, like you, have remained on Earth and now have to fight for life in Minecraft Pocket Edition. You will face a difficult survival in a world where there is practically no food, but there are many infectious diseases that turn people into zombies. Gather all your strength into a fist and survive at any cost!

How to play?
After generating this map for Minecraft PE, you have only one goal – to collect the materials needed to repair a broken spacecraft, and then escape into space. This is quite difficult to do. First of all, you need to find a way to survive in these barren lands and the main thing is not to become a victim of zombies or other dangerous creatures of the world of MCPE.

This mini-game includes features such as weapons, binoculars, custom textures and more. In general, we wish good luck!

Fixed bugs related to commands.
Advanced plot
New Easter eggs and events


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