Legacy Pack Texture Pack

Legacy Pack is a new package of textures for Minecraft, the main focus of which is aimed at changing the pocket version of the game, making it look like a Java Edition. This is achieved by changing the graphics and textures of the Minecraft Bedrock user interface. In addition, the sounds were also borrowed from Java. In general, you are waiting for a lot of changes that will definitely delight you! If you have been playing Minecraft Bedrock for a long time, then you definitely need to try this texture pack!

What are the new features?
Here is the new layout for the Minecraft start screen. Most of the things on the home screen, with the exception of buttons, waited for changes.
Textures Legacy Pack Screenshots:

All functions:

This package includes many other modifications. Here is a list of all the things that have been changed.
the main thing
Now the water is more like Java Edition
Removed mip map levels to make them look more like Java.
Sugar Cane Texture
Added boat sounds
Modified rain sounds
Added Squid Sounds (ambient.in.water, hurt.in.water and death.in.water)
Added sound mob.slime.attack
Added sound mob.magmacube.jump
Thin boiler, chests, door sounds

User interface:
New inventory interface (creative, survival, crafting)
New start and pause screens
New chat screen
New settings sections
Editing sections
New toast screen

Magma Cube
Puffer fish
Skeleton Sears

New playback screen
New screen pattern
Updated Vanilla DX [Core UI] to latest version
Added new world settings
And much more!


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