Longfield Modern Mansion Map

Each player in Minecraft has a moment when he wants to relax in a nice place. And then we think about how to build a suitable house. But why waste time and nerves when there is a Longfield Modern Mansion map.

On this map, a large house was built with a beautiful design and interior. Most of the house is mechanized and will work from several buttons. In future updates, the author of the map is about to add a door opening of the house with a code.
There will be many rooms at your disposal. For example: a spacious garage, kitchen, several bedrooms, a living room, a relaxation area.

By the way, in order to live in such a house transport will not hurt you. Install the Aston Martin Machine mod and conquer this world on a cool sports car.

Near the house there is a helipad where you can put your air transport.



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