MazinPack Texture Pack

By itself, Minecraft for Android is well adapted. But there are cases when even with the most minimal graphics settings it slows down a bit. At such times, MazinPack textures can help.

This package is designed to reduce the load on your gadgets. This is possible due to the fact that it was created in 8×8 resolution. But that is not all! By itself, this project looks beautiful and aesthetic. The minimalistic style is perfect for Minecraft, which the creators used.

Unfortunately, the textures are not ready yet, but the authors are working hard on them. There is a possibility that some blocks will remain as in the standard version, but there are few of these!
MazinPack Texture Pack Screenshots:

How to Install:

Download the texture pack below.
Run the downloaded texture pack.
By pre-action, you imported the files into MCPE.
Launch Minecraft PE and open world settings.
Select an imported resource package.
Restart the game client MCPE, and then enter the world for which you set the textures.
Enjoy the set textures!


Books have been textured, so has rotten flesh, spider eyes (both normal and “Double”), gold ingot, sea pickles, and a lot more.


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  1. ohhh one of my favorite pack, please update it on new version

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