MCPE Nether Update Addon

Each player tried to create super armor in Minecraft using enchantments and power-ups. And sometimes even good equipment is obtained. But still, it rarely helps to survive in the lava rivers of the Lower World. Therefore, we suggest installing the MCPE Nether Update mod.

This addon will add to Minecraft the ability to craft a new armor – Netherite. It is designed to survive in infernal conditions, because it does not burn in lava. This armor will replace all the gold equipment in the game, since the need for it will disappear (Nezerite is stronger).



  1. I love these mods
    I want to make my own game..
    I’m in the process on making it

    • This is actually an update that is offically releasing in minecraft some editons already have it but some dont but apparently (for the ones that dont have the update) it will come out in the first half of 2020

  2. Still waiting for the real Minecraft Nether Update. Hopefully it comes soon. I’ve been waiting for a full month!

  3. This is just a skin for gold items… oi

  4. tankyou for mods

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