Mesa Village Seed

Mesa village usually does not exist. There is only one way when a village can exist in a meso biome. This is when the village is generated on the plain of the savannah or desert area, which are closely located with the biome of Mesa. As a result, part of the village will be located on a desert biome or in the biome of savannahs, and the second part in the Mesa biome. This is really the best mesa biome we’ve ever seen.

On the spawn, turn around so that you have Mesa biome before you and go straight until you reach the Mesa Biome mountains.

Continue to shift slightly to the right, so that there are mountains on your left side, but stay in the Mesa biome. Soon you should see the mountain spikes Mesa and behind the spines Mesa village. Mesa Village Seed for MCPE 0.12.1 Screenshots:

In the village you will find a blacksmith in which the chest contains the following items:
1 Apple
1 Iron leggings
2 Ink bags
3 Obsidian

Seed: 46281

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