Midas Touch Mod

Now you can turn everything into gold! Mod Midas Touch in Minecraft was created just for this! Every mob that comes close to you will turn into gold. Every block you touch will turn into gold. No one can escape this fate in the world of Minecraft Bedrock!

How it works?
This addition will allow you to turn everything around in the gold of the world of Minecraft Bedrock! Blocks, grass, dirt, stones, water, flowers, mobs and more will turn into gold as soon as you touch them. Partially works in other dimensions.

-Now works even if you’re far from the command block. Even in other dimensions

-Replaces all of your armor with gold ones and will never be able to take them off

-Any item you hold will turn to Gold, even air. Your main hand will always be holding a Gold ingot.


How to install?
1) Download and install the .mcpack file into your selected world

2) Go into your selected world and give yourself a repeating command block. Type the following command “/give @p repeating_command_block”

3) Place the repeating command block and type in the command “/function midastouch”

4) Set your repeating command block to “Always Active” and you’re good to go


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