Minuscule Texture Pack

We are glad to present you a package of Minuscule textures with a very small resolution (8 × 8), which does not sacrifice the details of the Minecraft world for the sake of simplicity. Minecraft World’s Bedrock Blocks will look both simple and detailed at the same time! This package will surely surprise you! The creator really tried to make this addition look simplistic, but at the same time detailed and pleasing to the eye! We offer you to evaluate everything in Minecraft Bedrock!
 Minuscule Texture Pack Screenshots:

Updated blocks.json to the current update, it prevents crashing

new locked map item texture

new suspicious stew item texture

new wither rose texture

new fox egg and entity textures

new Turtle egg item texture

new helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots textures have been tweaked and now have a darker outline and a new design

and fixed a bugged stonecutter texture

and tweaked all brick related blocks

and purpur is now more vibrant


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  1. a very good texture pack but 32 pixel pack for swords missing

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