Music+ Texture Pack

Well, the players of the world of Minecraft, and among you there are music lovers? We are glad to present you a package of Music + textures that will improve the musical accompaniment of your favorite game! If you have long wanted to fix music in Minecraft Bedrok, this addition will help you!

Universal functions:
The following are the universal / global features that this package adds to Minecraft PE.
Music is constantly played without silent periods.
All songs are played at 0.5
Added new sounds from java edition
Music in creative mode and in survival is interchangeable
The dog is playing after the Cat music disc.
Music from the disc will still play from the machine, regardless of the setting selected

There are also several different variations of this package, each of which includes different functions and music tracks.
Replaced Ward’s Music Disc
Replaced 11 music discs
11 music discs no longer work
Added all songs from the official soundtrack
Now there is a ½ second between songs to get rid of strange transitions.


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