Nether Orcs Mod

In addition to the new mobs for Minecraft for Android, after installing the Nether Orcs mod, you will get new armor and many other interesting things! The peculiarity of these orcs is that they are hungry for gold and will look for it all over the world of the game.

The nomadic people of the orcs roam the Wastelands of the Void in search of treasure, they are armed and dangerous, so keep your distance if you are not ready for the battle in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Three types of new mobs for Minecraft on the tablet from the Nether Orcs mod:

Orcs of the Void;
Zombie orcs.
Also in Minecraft BE will be able to craft a new armor-golden orc armor. Their peculiarity is not in the fortress, but in the fact that even 1 element of armor makes it possible to safely move between orcs unnoticed. Scroll down to download this cool mod and enjoy the latest updates!


Nether Orcs Mod Nether Orcs Mod Nether Orcs Mod


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