Recipe Randomizer Mod

Mod Recipe Randomizer modifies the crafting system in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Well, to be more precise, it disables it in Minecraft on Android in general. For example, you create a carpet in MCPE, and an iron pickaxe flies out of your craft grid. Well, and stuff like that. Mod Recipe Randomizer will like you very much.


If you like extraordinary survival maps in the MCPE, then this mod will come in handy. He will be able to add even more randomness and unpredictability to the game. So click “download”!


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  1. It didn’t work for me.
    I add ot to behavior and its not working. 0lease fix this i really want to play this!!

  2. Can anyone help me? The link works and it starts to download it into minecraft but it never finishes. It doesn’t come up with an error of anything, just says import started and then nothing else. Thanks

  3. So I downloaded this thinking that It would work and it didn’t work. Please reply to me how to activate it! Thank you very much


  4. Works for me, thanks mate.

  5. i cant import “not a valid zip archive”

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