Slendytubbies 2 Mod

Sometimes developers come up with funny thoughts that push them to create strange add-ons. The same thing happened with the author of the Slendytubbies mod.

After installing this addon in Minecraft, new mobs will appear – Teletubbies. They are of two types: ordinary and infected. The first will be tamed and become your faithful companions, and the second type will be hostile monsters who crave the flesh.

Features of the mod:
These cute creatures are neutral. Those. will not attack you until aggression. In addition, they are tamed with the help of Tubby Toast or cookies (more details below). After taming, he will protect you like dogs. In the event of their death, Tubby Toast falls from them.

Tubby Custards
It spawns in all biomes. As well as teletubbies is tamed with custard.

Military Teletubbies:

These are the militarized inhabitants of the cubic world, which spawn only at night. They have at their disposal weapons that protect themselves from enemies. Neutrally tuned towards the player. There are two representatives of this class: Sergeant Miles, Anne.

These are bloodthirsty nocturnal creatures that are aggressive towards any creature. If they come in contact with the player, they will immediately attack. We advise you to arm yourself with diamond objects before you start hunting, because they are strong. We will not describe each representative in order to maintain intrigue for the players.


New items:

Tubby Custards and Tubby Toast. These are two new items with which the mobs of this add-on are subordinate.

Machines for creating Tubby Custards and Tubby Toast.

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