We here have prepared for you a useful and simply necessary mod TreeCapitator. He will please you with his capabilities. This addon will allow you to significantly save time and tools while cutting trees. In general, you could meet this addition earlier in the PC version of the game. So they decided to make it for the MCPE, because the mod is really very practical.

How to use TreeCapitator:
In general, now in order to cut down a tree, it is enough to destroy just one block. And the tree will shatter into small pieces. In general, how to use TreeCapitator addon, so that everything was gradually.

You come to a tree. Best of all to the largest, which is in your world for minecraft pocket edition.
Now you just go around the area and collect all the blocks of the tree in your inventory.
Cut down any one block. And then the tree just scatters into small pieces.
Axe can be used for any (wooden, iron, gold, diamond). Trees are the best to cut down. They reach two blocks in diameter, this will give you more wood on the way out. Maybe fast cutting of trees is not the most honest method, but definitely effective. You save a lot of time and resources.


In our case, you do not spend axes, at least. In addition, now this physically difficult work will not take too much power from you.


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  1. How do we download it on minecraft mcpe

  2. This is so beautiful

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