UltraMax Shader Pack

We are glad to present you a UltraMax Pack of shaders that will precisely change your view on the familiar world of Minecraft! This shaders is aimed at improving the basic light and visual projections, while incorporating its unique type of visualization into the Meincraft Bedrok. Thanks to this, you will get brighter colors in the game, an atmospheric environment, and just a more enjoyable gameplay. In general, we definitely recommend trying this package in Minecraft Bedrock!

UltraMax Shader Pack Screenshots:


Reverted cloud to vanilla cloud (requested by many).

Remove vignette due to issues.

Fixed banner rendering fog incorrectly.

Modified more death message,

Disabled all links to previous versions. Should any of you want to use the older version, contact me via my Twitter or Gmail.

Improved torch light rendering

Improved beacon light beam

Fixed underwater rendering bug



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