Minecraft PE 1.16.201 for Android and Xbox

The full version of Minecraft 1.16.201 fell onto the cube world quite suddenly, but at the most opportune moment. You can get rid of several causes of crashes and critical errors if you download it. And it is highly recommended to download it, regardless of what device you are playing from.

What has been fixed in Minecraft
In Minecraft for Android, there are only two fixes – we fixed a crash that occurred before Minecraft if the game is paused. And also in the MCPE, we fixed double chests, half of the textures of which were lost, and their opening led to a critical error.

MCPE Caves & Cliffs Update will delight you with its fix on Windows 10, which occasionally crashed. Also in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, we fixed a bug with the loss of content in shulkers if you suddenly paint them. Along with this, in Minecraft PE, a fix for AMD video cards was rolled out to Android, when users played with them, buttons disappeared on the screen. The release is waiting for you! Download it for free!

download for android

download for xbox

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