Minecraft’s Hardest Difficulty Mod

The author of the Minecraft’s Hardest Difficulty mod has made survival in Minecraft on Android almost impossible, and only a few will be able to play with such changes.

The author assures that it will be unrealistic to survive in the game without a full set of non-merite tools and armor. Try to call your friends, even if you can’t craft things without the death of the hero!

So, what will change in MCBE? Well, first of all, crafting will become much more expensive. For example, a diamond is now needed to create a shield, and zombies spawn in groups of 4 mobs. Most mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition will be faster and stronger, their attacks will be further, and the packs will be more numerous. If you are ready for such a test in Minecraft BE, we suggest downloading the hardcore mod Minecraft’s Hardest Difficulty. Just save your card so that you can roll back if nothing happens. Good luck!



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