Ravin Cross and Plains Seed

Each of the gamers will be able to find something for themselves.
Ravin Cross and Plains Seed for Minecraft PE 1.2.0 will add to the MCPE a cross-ravine near spawn. Most likely, the two ravines that were generated in the same place caused this cool relief. Ravines is one of the new features for the version of Minecraft PE 1.2, and this in turn means that you will be able to find the ravines only if you are playing on a new version of the game.

What will the Ravin Cross and Plains Seed add to?

To find the cross ravine, simply turn around immediately after the spawn. Then go across to your left and you will reach the desired goal somewhere after 50-100 blocks. It’s impossible not to see all this beauty, because you will immediately encounter it after a short walk.
Is that a sign on top? Or maybe the X-Men left their character here? Who knows. In any case, this is definitely a unique and interesting Ravin Cross and Plains Seed for Minecraft PE 1.2.0, which is worth a visit for all Minecraft PE players.
Spending time installing new texture packs is not necessary, everything is done around and taking into account the wishes and requirements of many players.
If you want to prove yourself as a very creative and capable player, then by all means do something. Although as a rule, such places are worth visiting only for the purpose of learning something new and unusual. And only then can you start to create something.

Seed: 1940855309


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