Village in four different biomes Seed

Before describing what awaits you, we would like to inform you that this sid will run only on versions for MCPE 1.9.0. If you have any older versions installed, it is now time to upgrade and be in the subject. And all because you have the opportunity to try the incredible triple village ced in four different biomes ,which simply hits diversity. This is really something unreal.

What does the triple village include in four different biomes?
We will not fully disclose all the secrets. We will tell you what a triple village includes in four different biomes, but only partially, so that you have an interester to this sit on Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.9.0. Spawn will happen here on the plain. Turn back and go forward as much as you need to see a mountain of red sand. After the mountains, you will stumble upon the awesome triple village. Well, what a village without a forge ?! And then there are two of them at once. And one is generally double. In the first you will find:

Iron helmet
Five Iron Bars
Three pieces of bread
Iron pickaxe
An Apple
Well, in the second you will stumble on:

gold bar
Five pieces of bread
Two apples
Iron helmet
As you can see, the Village in four different biomes Seed led in four different biomes on Minecraft PE 1.9.0, is an extremely interesting place that you definitely want to visit. And it is really worth it to spend your time on it. A journey can be very productive if it is competently composed and used by all that is obtained and obtained by hard work.

Seed: 1253199494

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