Skyblock 1.18 Map

The author of the Skyblock 1.18 Map  listened to the complaints of players that survival in the skyblock genre became too simple in Minecraft for Android, they say, all the resources are there, nothing complicated. So I listened and created a map that infuriates even experienced Minecraft PE players.

There are no built-in mods for Minecraft on the phone, but there are 4 biomes of rebirth, a limited Hell and several goals:

First you need to get to the main world in the game
Build a house
Craft a bucket (if you’re lucky, it will fall out of the zombies)
Build a farm
Create a village
Kill the Dragon in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Survive the raid
Well, are you ready for such tasks? Then you can download Skyblock 1.18 Map for free from the link below. Good luck!


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