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Addons for Minecraft PE on Android

Addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition – in this section of the site you will find all the modifications for Minecraft, which were created specifically for the Pocket Edition (Pocket Edition). Add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition are the same mods for Minecraft PE, which are modified add-ons that add new blocks, items, decorations, monsters, biomes, weapons and more to the game.

Addons for Minecraft PE are installed using the installation files as a program. The addons feature is that when you install multiple addons on Minecraft PE that have different textures. They do not conflict with each other, as a result we get several modifying addons with different textures, which guarantees us a pleasant game with the remaining textures of the game. In addition, you can also install any other texture on Minecraft PE and this will not affect addons.

Download Addons for Minecraft PE

Mods for Minecraft PE are installed in a slightly different way, adding modifying files manually through the program BlockLauncher. And also when there is a texture in the fashion, it also needs to be installed. As a result, if you want two or more mods that have textures, you will have to choose which mod needs more texture …
I hope that the section of our site with addons for Minecraft Pocket Edition you will like. Download popular add-ons for Minecraft PE and enjoy the game!

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