More Pets Addon

The author of the More Pets addon decided that there is too little choice of pets in Minecraft. He added to the game new animals available for taming and breeding.

If you decide to download the More Pets mod, you can get a raccoon, 3 types of hamsters or a frog.

Raccoons are tamed with beef (raw or boiled).
Raccoon breeding takes place in MCBE using raw or boiled frogs.
Hamsters spawn in pairs around the Minecraft world.
You can tame them with any seeds.
Tamed animals will accompany you on your travels.
All animals have their own animations and textures.
The mod will also add sunflower seeds for breeding hamsters in Minecraft on the tablet.
This is a very nice and useful development that will appeal to those who dreamed of a fluffy pet. Scroll down to download yod and make new friends in the Minecraft PE universe. Good luck!



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