Teramorph Addon 1.17/1.16

The Teramorph mod adds a new race of creatures to Minecraft, the Terramorphs. The creatures live in nests and breed at an incredible rate. The build includes many variants of Terramorphs, but the most dangerous will be the King and Queen. Surviving in a world populated by such creepy monsters will not be easy. Try to cope with such a daunting challenge.

Poor health.
Can infest: Chicken, horse, fox, wolf, cow, pig, sheep, rabbit, parrot, goat, cat, panda, donkey, llama, flycatcher, mule, polar bear
Spawn: Forest biomes with a 5% chance.
Egg and cocoon.
Infested creatures turn into cocoons, from which eventually a small terramorph will emerge.
Terramorphs also emerge from eggs.

Egg and cocoon

Health: 4
Damage: 2
After only 30 seconds out of the cocoon, the little terramorph will be a Teen
The juvenile will become a juvenile in 1 minute

Tiny Terranormorph

Terramorph Worker
Health: 14
Damage: 6
Can replace normal blocks with nest blocks
Infect with Poison.
Replace blocks every two minutes, then start digging tunnels
Affected blocks:
Edge stone
Grass track
Crimson Nilium
Mangled Nilium
Sand of showers
Soil of showers
Root mud
Snow block

Terramorph Warrior

Health: 20
Damage: 8
Spawns all over the world
Stronger than Workers
Poison on impact

Prime Terramorph
Health: 40
Damage: 16
Extremely powerful monsters
Queen’s guards
Weakens enemies

Terramorph Tank
Health: 65
Damage: 24
Slow and massive monsters
Slow down when bitten, but easy to escape before they do

Elite Terramorph
Health: 35
Damage: 18
Flying Terramorphs that can transform into a King or Queen after 20 minutes.
As their health decreases, they will fly away and attack the player from a distance

Flying Terranorf

Queen Terramorph
Health: 100
Damage: 30
Fights amongst themselves
Starts building a nest around herself after 10 minutes

Terramorph Nest

The terramorph nest from the inside

Terramorph King
Health: 120
Damage: 35
Enhances Terramorphs: Imposes regeneration, protection, and increased damage
Aura Radius: 20 Blocks

Terramorph Skin Armor

Changes in the New Version:
Fixed bugs
Added spawn mobs
Mobs can break blocks
New mob flight mode
Increased mob spawn
Bug fixes



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