Tonk Mod

After installing the Tonk mod, you will be able to tame and breed tanks! Yes, it sounds strange, but that’s how it works in the game.

In this mod, these are not objects, but entities. So tanks can be kids and adults, and you can ride them in Minecraft for Android as on any other animal, that is, sitting on horseback.

Tanks are small creatures, the size of a bird in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. A steel ingot will help you make friends with them. Just take it in your hand, the tamed tank will follow you in the MCBE.

The author added 100 hearts to them, so you can not worry about the health of the kids in Minecraft for the tablet. All individuals have the same models and textures, so hurry up to download the mod and start dating!



  1. I couldn’t import it to Minecraft education edition :/

    • Minecraft education edition is the best while at school but if you can unblock mineshafter you can play the newest update of minecraft and snapshots for free

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