Magical Spells Addon

After installing the Magical Spells mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, new spells, mana, levels of witchcraft that can be pumped, as well as new bosses will appear.

All spells in fashion require a certain skill, so first you will have to do training in Minecraft on Android. Not Hogwarts, of course, but it will do. Pumping magic in the Magical Spells fashion is not so difficult, there are two ways to do this:

Collect magical experience spheres in dungeons and boxes hidden in trees;
using spells.
For each magic applied, you will get 1 XP, and 300 XP is required to level up one level. But with spheres in MCBE it is a little more profitable. The green sphere will raise three levels at once, orange – two, red – one.

As for mana, it does not recover by itself. This is done with a mana potion, and you can also pump up to 500 mana reserves with a special elixir. Spells in Minecraft on the tablet are very different, the author of the mod added 18 charms. You will learn more about them in the game, but in the meantime, you can pick up a thematic map and start a magical survival. Good luck!



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