Zero Zone Addon

With the new ZeroZone house, the Minecraft world on Android will turn almost into an Exclusion Zone, so it will become much more difficult to survive.

The author has developed a whole system that will change the gameplay in Minecraft on the phone. You will need to get used to the new rules of survival in the game, so if you want to download the Zero Zone mod, get ready for hardcore.

The colors of biomes will change
In Minecraft on a tablet, the sky, water and fog will turn gray
The player’s vision will be blurred due to the effects of radiation
Infected lava will appear
When approaching dangerous places, the Geiger counter will sound
New food, medicines and other items will appear in Minecraft BE
There will be more zombies
The wolves will become wild and angry
Animal meat is contaminated with radiation
The textures of the armor will change, they will be in an apocalyptic style

Ragthor: @RagthorDev
SovietLian: @Winter_Lian



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