10 Second Parkour by Blu Map

Well, lovers of parkour in the world of Minecraft, especially for you, we have prepared another fascinating 10 second map, which includes 6 different colorful areas of parkour!

You need to get to the control point in 10 seconds and reset the timer. If you didn’t meet this time, you will automatically return to the last save point in the Minecraft PE. In addition, special colored blocks are scattered throughout, which can give you some unique effects.

Special features
Blue block of wool – will kill you
Green – will send you to spawn
Purple – here you can relax
Yellow – reset timer
Brown – increase your speed

Secret level
Find and collect 6 Easter eggs to remove the block from this special level in Minecraft PE. After you pass the main part of this map, you will return to the lobby, where you need to throw six eggs to the ground to open an additional level.

Bugs fixed


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