Advanced Farming Addon

In Minecraft PE, no one perceives farming as a full-time job. In the game, it is implemented simply and boring. Therefore, we present to you a new mod Advanced Farming, which will change the survival in the cubic world.

The addon adds new farm elements to the game: tractors, processing tools, processing stations, fuel, etc. Now survival on food that the player has grown with his own hands will become cooler!

The coolest addon element is the tractor. But getting a tractor is not so simple. Players will have to craft each component of the machine. It will take a lot of time, but will facilitate survival several times.
Try not to fall into water or lava, because the unit will be destroyed.

Spare parts, Body and roof, Rear wheel ,Front wheel, Rear axle wheels, Front axle wheels, Steering wheel

Tractor assembly
The tractor is assembled on a special machine:

Players will have to assemble each part separately and combine. The interface looks like this:

3D tractor tools
These tools are used when processing fields. They can be attached to the tractor. To do this, go to the car and click on it while holding the tool in your hands.

Cutting off all grass.

Plows the ground.

Moisturizes the earth.

It is used in the manufacture of parts

Harvesting machine

It is used to isolate parts from the tractor. To use it, you need to sneak.

Tractor refueling
The tractor must be filled with water. Especially when you use a spray.

In addition, the tractor only works if it is refueled. To refuel, you need to create fuel. It is done in an oil extractor. There you need to place the container and sunflowers:

After that, place the resulting oil in the compressor:

To sweep and obtain material, you can use:

After that, you need to filter it all out. To do this, you need a filter and paper:

To refuel the tractor simply come up with fuel to it.

The tractor has indicators:

Goats and other new elements will appear in the game. From them you can cook new meat


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  1. how do u refuel and how do u use the oil extractor

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