ANTS Addon

Thanks to the latest updates, bees have officially appeared in Minecraft. The developers had ideas about ants, but they will not be added soon. Therefore, we suggest not waiting and installing the ANTS addon, thanks to which ants will appear in the cubic world!

Addon Features:
Facts about Ants in MCPE:

– They are tamed just like horses.
-There is an opportunity to ride them.
-Little ants cannot be tamed and they are dangerous. So look for mobs with a green mark on their backs.
-They are able to wear armor just like horses.
-Don’t attack other ants.
-Hunted by wasps.
-Eat apples, sugar.
-Ants in armor will not take damage when dropped from a height.
-Tamed individuals will protect the owner.
-Able to crawl into tunnels 1 to 1 block.



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