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Among the players Minecraft are not a few people with good creative abilities. That is why we decided to please you with an excellent Map Art Maker! , which will help to unleash your creative potential even more! This territory of the world Minecraft Bedrock includes a large canvas 128 × 128 and all the necessary tools to paint it! Inside the cabinet you can find brushes, color palettes and a textbook that will help you in case of anything. Well, are you ready to showcase your artistic talent in the world of Minecraft Bedrock?
Map Art Maker! Screenshots:

A brush is a basic tool (replacing a wooden sword), hold it to paint something on the canvas
You can even adjust the brush size in the range from 1 x 1 to 33 x 33
Paints – choose one of 30 colors
Color palette – helps to keep 4 primary colors
Tutorial – contains more detailed information about each tool and how to use them


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