Automaticraft Addon

The player has to spend a lot of time on household chores. At such moments, you begin to dream of equipment that automates everything. In the standard version this is not possible. Therefore, we suggest installing the Automaticraft addon.

This addon adds new materials and ores to the game. Of these, equipment is crafted that will facilitate survival in Minecraft PE.

Wrench: changes the operating mode of the device.
Hammer: breaks the device.

The mechanisms:

Auto harvester
Breaks anything in the selected region. Adjustable with a wrench.

Auto collector
Collects everything in the selected region. Adjustable with a wrench.

Auto Dispencer
Repels objects to the edge of the border. Adjustable with a wrench.

Destroys items that are thrown at him.

Solar generator
Charges the power blocks that are needed for the mechanisms to work in sunlight

Lunar generator
Works like the previous one, but at night.



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