Basic Health Addon

With the Basic Health mod, you can easily cope with any mobs in Minecraft on a tablet, because health will be many times more than usual.The author wanted not only to simplify survival in the game, but also to add new mechanics. In Minecraft on Android, you will have to work hard to earn extra hearts. The principle of operation of the Basic Health mod is crafting, but about everything in order.

The mod also makes it possible to create a regenerator machine. She will restore the HP of the player in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In order for it to work, it needs to be refueled with amethyst generators. Crafting is shown in the screenshots. The mod itself works in two modes – adaptation to the player (recommended) and just the effect of adding hearts. You can switch modes in the MCBE settings. At the link below you can download the mod for free, and on our website you will also find cool maps and other interesting things. Good luck!



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