Bow Auto-Aim Addon

During a game with friends, there is always a desire to play better than others. This is especially true for archery. Among the players there are those who fall from a distance into a small chicken. Not everyone has this ability, so we offer you the Bow Auto-Aim addon.

After installing this add-on, the player will have the opportunity to aim and shoot from bow in Minecraft Bedrock much faster and more accurately. In addition, there will be auxiliary elements: a determinant of distance and tension.

Addon Features:
At the time of aiming, the name of the animal and bowstring will be painted in a certain color:
Green: 4-11 blocks. The goal is near. When the bowstring turns green – release.
Yellow: 12-19 blocks. The goal is not close. Release when the bow string turns yellow.
Red: 19-36 blocks. The goal is far away. Release when the onion turns red.



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