Camouflage Doors Texture Pack

Each player at least once made an attempt to build a hidden shelter. The player’s belongings are stored in such a place. But it often happens that someone finds an entrance there, because it is difficult to disguise. Therefore, we recommend installing the Camouflage Doors Texture Pack.

After installing this textures, doors will appear in Minecraft Bedrock that will not be visible among other blocks. There are options for mowing under different blocks, so that it is harder to notice and easier to adjust to dwellings. Build a secret base and close it with such a door and none of the players will notice the entrance! Please note that these doors replace the standard, except for the oak version.



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  1. Thank you so much man!! I can now hide all my valuables without my friend noticing!! :)))))

  2. How do you download the map?

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