Crafting Dead Mod

Have you become bored in the world of Minecraft? Then safely download the Crafting Dead MCPE mod, which will exactly complicate your survival in Minecraft! This add-on includes several interesting elements that you will surely know if you’ve ever watched the popular TV series “Walking Dead.” Yes, yes, this is the series about zombies and apocalypse! And now in Minecraft  you can create an atmosphere of post-apocalypse!

New mobs:
Walking – replaces the usual zombies, does not burn in daylight, slow, same health (20 points)
The runner – replaces the cadavre, runs fast, rarely jumps on the players, less health (15 points)
Survivors – replace skeletons, help kill zombies (neutral to players)

Steel arms
Baseball bat – wooden sword
Scrap is a stone sword
Ax – Iron Ax
Samurai sword – Iron Sword
Hunting knife – a golden sword
Chainsaw – diamond ax
Diamond Samurai sword – diamond sword

Ranged weapons
Pistol – replaces the bow, uses bullets (arrows).
Throwing knife – replaces the snowball (deals 5 damage).
The gun – replaces the pearls of the Edge, has a recharge.
Harpoon Gun – replaces the fishing rod, sticks to the essence, until it dies

Runners now jump on their goals
Survivors are now making sounds when they are hurt
Walking slowed down
Runners are a little faster
Removed TNT
Now zombies can see targets at a distance of 40 blocks



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